Evaluate current Agility

Maturity Evaluation

Following the Valuable Introduction  and prior to providing training, we'll typically meet with key business and IT members of your organization to evaluate current efficiencies regarding:

  1. Time-to-market - from business idea to IT solution delivery.
  2. Predictability of solution delivery.
  3. Alignment of business and IT objectives.
  4. Regularity of requirements refinement.
  5. Regularity of planning, constructing, testing, integration and reviewing of systems.
  6. Collaboration between business and IT teams/areas
  7. Actionable metrics.
  8. The extent to which aspects/areas of both business and IT are currently siloed and the reasons.
Service Outputs
  1. A GAP analysis
  2. A roadmap highlighting the GAP analysis' action plan to be performed during the Agile Transformation process.

Next Steps...

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