Free 8-hour Project Management - Maturity Assessment
Free 8-hour Project Management - Maturity Assessment

Upon your request, we will provide your organization with a total of eight valuable hours of our time at no charge (spanning a maximum of five business days, or 2 business weeks) to meet virtually (via teleconference) with key members of your organization, resulting  in us providing you with an initial high-level assessment of your organization's current project and program management maturity level, including high-level indicators of existing problem areas (FREE 8-Hour Agile Maturity Assessment).

Project Management Coaching
Project & Program Management - Coaching

We'll coach appropriate roles within your organization and work with them in order to incorporate practical (no only theoretical) best practices to address any gaps in the organization's management of projects and programs.

Project Management - Execution
Project & Program Management - Execution

We provide hands-on management of your organization's projects and programs.

Administrative Services
Administrative Services

We provide various types of administrative services, including meeting transcriptions, PowerPoint presentations, document editing, etc.

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